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Lost Elegies

by Primalfrost

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X Wild Alaskan Salmonella X
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X Wild Alaskan Salmonella X I haven't heard melodic death metal this commanding since discovering Whoracle as a wee lad. Favorite track: Tenebrous Skies.
Monia Lisa
Monia Lisa thumbnail
Monia Lisa First purchase of the year, 2022 gets off to a good start! "Lost Elegies" is an amazing and epic album! I can hardly believe that Primalfrost is in fact a one man band: a young canadian composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.
Besides his obvious songwriting proficiency, Dean Paul Arnold blew me away with a splendid guitarwork and incredible instrumental performances that are worthy of admiration. And on top of that, the vocals are flawless. Favorite track: Bringer Of Immensity.
YananaY thumbnail
YananaY Such a spectacular release! It was next to impossible to choose a favorite song. Brilliant guitar solos, amazing deep growls, beautiful melodies, all these things make it an outstanding album! For me, one of the best releases of 2021 Favorite track: Tenebrous Skies.
Arrogant Bastard
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Arrogant Bastard ::2022 Top 10 Album Material::
Primalfrost has lay dormant for seven years. They've not lost their edge, however, the singles reveal a band returning with renewed strength and melodic death prowess that Jari Mäenpää abandoned in his luxury sauna all those years ago. Favorite track: Voyage Into Ruin.
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Maelstrom 05:11
For we sail the barren seas Born from a vengeful wrath so strong The amorphous of waves clash ahead Into the dark night We ride with intent to kneel to none For our hatred burns deep into our blood-soaked flesh Far from the solace of home To late to turn back, I must rise above submission Defy those who cross my path I will bear the fate of one's will who was forged of iron The adversary comes forth With the strength of a thousand men With desire just the same as I just to live through one more breath I have faced many battles Many men have crossed the fate of death It only takes a moment to become Buried beneath the maelstrom (Chorus) Ferocious are the dogs of war The flame burns within us all The ambition to succeed at heart Driven by free will I prophesize my vision of Glory and prosperity I will conquer my fate At the expense of my enemy Revive the wounds, reclaim your strength Seek salvation from none Void yourself of compassion Succumb to the bitter art of death The more you let your suffering consume you The more you fall short of success Cave in to the mortal need to forge onwards Take a step towards oblivion Fearless Soulless You can't stop me now Bleeding Dying Your wounds are too deep Feel the Wrath of A world of great pain Your world Ends now In my maelstrom (Chorus) x 2
Through the storms I must confront This dying world before me So mysterious and surreal So alone on my path The streams have been divided Both paths so uncertain I can't live this way anymore My future unknown, no turning back Leeches on my body Shrapnel in my flesh Is this the price I pay to live To be only left to die I must carry my own cross On this lonely desolate path No one left to save me May my strength move me forward (Chorus) I am the bringer of immensity I will slay the light before me And all who cross my way My eternal fire burns With the strength of a thousand suns Forever trembling below the earth Fearless I am Victim of abject pain With the body of a warrior And the mind of an army You cannot possess power I am immune to all Undefeatable, unbreakable Is my will, so divine (Chorus) Go forth! Leeches on my body Shrapnel in my flesh Is this the price I pay to live To be only left to die I must carry my own cross On this lonely desolate path No one left to save me May my strength move me forward I am the bringer of immensity So cold is my heart I will destroy all before me I am the bringer of immensity My persistence reigns strong This world is mine, prepare to kneel...
Nomad 03:38
Falling from the limbo of despair I can't fathom the immensity So lost, so cold, I have lost my way No one left to save me from myself (Chorus) Take me away, so far Carry me to, the unknown Stray from darkness of my being So alone on this path It only gets darker My contempt for life grows stronger I am a castaway, a nomad Gazing through the vast landscapes before me My past is dead, like my soul I once knew My flesh, weakened, soon to be no more (be no more…) Time dissolves into oblivion It fades away like dreams and memories Never to be grasped again For this life is but a wave in time Only to be forgotten Fallen Forgotten Left astray Soon to be no more (Chorus)
Stormbearer 04:16
I was spawned from dark dimensions far beyond From the depths of a hollow world I bring the storms to all I hunt those who disturb the night And commence fear Under the dying sky I ride To oversee your demise (Chorus) I will stare in the face of adversity Breaking all the boundaries set forth before me I will bring havoc to those that dare to stand in my path I am the bearer of storms Like stone in a river I am nomadic to all My spirit as strong as the mind That controls forth my will I forge on through time ahead As the day coalesces with the moonlit sky Superior to all Yet known to none (Chorus) x 2
Long is the journey ahead Battling through the endless plains For the elements are relentless and cruel Only to be survived by few The tempests coalesce with the azure skies As they wish to carry me away I carry the burden of a fate uncertain As my flame of desire turns to ember Carry forth an assault so strong Scorch all ahead, burnt to ash Pave a path for the journey ahead Reign supreme above all Silence drapes over the night The astral planes remain vast and calm Only to become victims of The bloodshed that lies ahead Fight for yourself, fight for tomorrow Just for one more day to breed Another dawn, glimmering with hope Not to be doused with the blood of man... Dive forth into oblivion Venture ahead to a fate unknown Crush all in your path, be a slave to none But your own will Abandon those left behind Nothing left to lose but your sanity To truly feel alive One must first be grazed by death In this never-ending battle We ride for vengeance, freedom, and glory Through the ashes and wastelands Those who have fallen Shall always be remembered You shall always be remembered... Take me away, to a world So pure, so untouched Ethereal and arcane, for all A realm so divine, so surreal And far from this hell on this earth I can't bare to suffer this long Let time take me away (take me away…) As we voyage into ruin The blood ridden skies turn to dusk The light ahead shines bright and clear not hindered by what we have lost Prosperity is on the horizon For all men near and far Let our elegy be heard for all time To be sung forevermore...
The vast plains of nothingness Are clinging to my mind Devoid of direction or meaning I can’t bear to live this way anymore Drifting through time and space Battling existence, I must find my way I’ve been beaten down, and left to die Left with nothing to believe in To forge a path of my own In a world that crumbles before me To seek solace in my kingdom (Chorus) To brave these graven hardships Colossal and enduring Where fate is not guaranteed By no means carved in stone In a world that cares for none Apathetic to your demise Where one's fate is strictly their own I will find, I will find my kingdom The fire inside will never die My desire burns so bright And I will fight my adversaries Against all odds I must exercise persistence To bring forth nothing less than the life I seek (Chorus) I’ve been beaten down, and left to die Left with nothing to believe in To forge a path of my own In a world that crumbles before me To seek solace in my kingdom The arcane light that lies ahead Beams so bright and pure For I do not know what my future holds Let free will guide my way (Chorus)
My vision projects forth The coldness of this lifeless night It chills me to my core With no clear end in sight The tension of my existence Sees no ease to come A slave I am to fate For I am to be no more Bring forth the night Bring forth the pain For the cold on my flesh Seeps to my bones As the wind sweeps me away To this dark abyss The world I once loved Gets crushed before me A nomad to this world Loyal to only my shadow Never looking back To a past dead and gone I am a singular entity Known by none dead to all I forge my own path I am worlds away from all life Take me away From the deadly storm Save me from myself Let me wither away As the skies rage with fury Of a thousand storms so strong I descend into a world unknown (world unknown…) I step closer to my end My inevitable demise My fight has not left me Hope still reigns strong Tenebrous are the skies Prevailing before me Not giving in to a fate So sorrowful and bleak Let me wither away...


"Lost Elegies" is the long awaited, matured, refined, epic, powerful 45 minutes that the fans/long time supporters have been waiting for.


released December 28, 2021

Dean Paul Arnold - All Instruments, Vocals, & Orchestration

Recorded & Produced by Dean Paul Arnold in Toronto, Canada from October 2020 to December 2020

Mixed & Mastered by Jonathan Lefrancois-Leduc of Silverwings Studios in Montreal, Canada

Artwork by Jan Yrlund of Darkgrove Design


all rights reserved



Primalfrost Toronto, Ontario

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